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William G. McCreedy II Practice Areas

The McCreedy Law Group PLLC has represented clients in a broad array of practice areas, distinguishing our expertise throughout the Hampton Roads area.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Having completed a multitude of bankruptcy chapter 7 cases, The McCreedy Law Group is an established firm at reducing any financial burden our clients may have.

Bankruptcy Chapter 11

The McCreedy Law Group PLLC understands that keeping your business operating is your top priority, and it's ours too. That's why we've helped countless businesses reorganize their assets that have allowed our clients to keep their business running and their livelihood intact.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

The McCreedy Law Group PLLC is well recognized for providing clients with bankruptcy chapter 13 relief so that our clients normal day-to-day life continues as normal.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Thousands of hours of courtroom litigation has provided the McCreedy Law Group with the skills necessary to defend our clients assets during any type of bankruptcy litigation matter.

Bankruptcy Reorganization

Reorganizing a clients assets can be confusing and difficult; trust in a firm with past experience in handling a variety of corporations assets.

Business Bankruptcy

A business is a complex entity that requires a specific attention to detail, the McCreedy Law Group is prepared to go the mile for our clients interests.

Commercial Bankruptcy

The McCreedy Law Group is well-known for representing businesses and individuals in a wide variety of commercial litigation matters.

Consumer Bankruptcy

Our consumer bankruptcy practice group represents the core values of the McCreedy Law Group: protecting consumers from aggresive creditors and helping our clients assets remain untouched.

Creditor Bankruptcy

Distinquished in recovering lost assets, the McCreedy Law Group has managed the financial responsiblies of a variety of financial institutions ranging from local businesses to national recognized banks.


We believe that foreclosure should be a last resort, therefore before our clients foreclose on a properpty, we explore alternative solutions to forclosure and disover various methods of debt relief that would otherwise have been left unnoticed.

Personal Bankruptcy

The McCreedy Law Group has advised hundreds of clients on their personal financial situation which has allowed them to excape the stress associated with standing debt.


While the McCreedy Law Group is prepared for court in any case, managing a workout without the need for court reduces the anxiety and complexity of a case and often helps the client manage their affairs in a more sensitive matter,

Convenience Store

The McCreedy Law Group is proud to be on the forefront of representing clients involved in the convenience store (C-store) business. We have represented multiple convenience store cases concerning acquisition, liquidation, (PMPA) Petroluem Marketing Practices Act, real estate, as well as finanial reorganization.


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