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Attorney Profiles : The McCreedy Law Group

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Greer came to Norfolk in 1978 to play soccer at ODU on a full athletic scholarship. After graduating ODU in 1982, he then moved his sights onto law school where he attended the prestigious Willam & Mary Law school. After graduating from William & Mary in 1987, Greer moved back to Norfolk where he's been practicing law ever since.

Greer has been practicing law in the Hampton Roads area for over 27 years. For 25 years, he worked with the well known law firm Kellam Pickrel Cox & Tayloe. However Greer's entreprenurial spirit urged him to open his own law firm, and in early 2012, the deed was done. He purchasd an antique building in downtown Norfolk and began renovating the old building with new floors, paint, and furniture. 413 West York Street became the beauty that it is today, providing an antique stress free ambiance while our clients financial problems are handled with the highest degree of professionalism and care available.

Over the years, Greer has practiced in a varity of legal fields, including idustrial development, commercial real estate, convenience store acquisition/liquidation, gas stations, and general litigation in state and federal courts. Greer has filed hundreds of consumer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, and many business Chapter 11 "reorganization" cases for contractrors, developers, and even airports and hospitals

Unlike other law firms where a client attorney relationship is stressfull and akward, the McCreedy Law Group holds a special appeal that many of our clients continue to mention, and that is the stress free environment as soon as you enter the door. Greer understands that filing bankruptcy is a big deal in anyone's life, therefore Greer and everyone at the McCreedy Law Group tries their best to accomodate our clients desires and make them feel comfortable while at the same time getting down to business at finding the best solution availble to your financial problem.


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